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Female Artist Takeover 2013 | Female Artist Collective | Greensboro, NC

We are so proud of our own Lisa Lopez, whose short story will be performed at Elsewhere.  If you are in the Triad area and want a great evening of entertainment, check out these venues on Friday, March 8, for the Female Artist Takeover.

In honor of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2013, Female Artists are taking over Greensboro! Started as a Facebook Group in 2010, the Female Artist Collective of Greensboro has developed into a grassroots movement working to create a sense of strength in community by organizing and celebrating the Creative Class in Greensboro. On Friday Night, March 8th, venues all around Greensboro will be featuring Female Artists.  Congratulations to Stephanie and Bonnie and the Female Artist Collective for putting together this tremendous event!  Read more about them here.

Click the link below for schedule/artist/venue details:

Female Artist Takeover Schedule 2013 Greensboro NC | Female Artist Collective | Greensboro, NC.

Check out this schedule and there is something for everyone — Rock, Acoustic, Country, Female Drummers, Female Solo acts, Burlesque, Fire Performances, Aerials, Poets, Opera. Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown. Large venues, small venues.  It truly is a TAKEOVER.

Go out and support, and honor female artists on International Women’s Day!  Thank you to these awesome venues for jumping on board.

Blind Tiger

Cultural Arts Center




Somewhere Else Tavern

Southern Roots


Potent Potables

Glenwood Coffee  & Books

Broach Theatre

Triad Stage


Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema

Graffiti’s Bistro

Rider’s in the Country

Ham’s — High Point

Ham’s — Greensboro


205 Collaborative

Ambleside Gallery

The Creative Center

Earthworks Gallery


Uptown Artworks

via Female Artist Takeover 2013 | Female Artist Collective | Greensboro, NC.

8 comments on “Female Artist Takeover 2013 | Female Artist Collective | Greensboro, NC

  1. Melissa Hassard
    March 8, 2013

    Reblogged this on Melissa I. Hassard and commented:

    What an amazing event!
    Support the women artists in your life.

  2. Maggie
    March 8, 2013

    Wish I lived closer so I could take advantage of this. Sounds awesome!

    • Melissa Hassard
      March 11, 2013

      Wish you did, too, Maggs! It was a fantastic event! Consider organizing and planning one up there!

      • Maggie
        March 11, 2013

        Hmmm…cool idea. I’ll present it to my writing group Wed. night to see what they think.

      • Melissa Hassard
        March 11, 2013

        If you guys are interested, maybe I could talk to the organizing group over here, and we could work on sister cities and sister events? That might be -really- cool.

      • Maggie
        March 11, 2013

        Wow! REALLY COOL! I’m going to call my writer-friend Margaret right now to see what she thinks. Awesome idea.
        BTW, I like that you call me “Maggs.” Another very dear friend of mine also calls me that. Love it.

      • Maggie
        March 11, 2013

        Melissa, on second thought, our active group is very small. We are limited in our scope, and only this week are going to learn how to create websites. This is probably premature for us, but I would like to keep it in mind for the future. Thank you for your offer. Could we leave it open?

      • Melissa Hassard
        March 11, 2013


        Perhaps think ahead towards next year and March, which is International Women’s Month.

        And if not then, whenever you guys feel ready to take it on. No rush at all. If there is interest and if you want to keep an eye toward it, just let me know so that I can whisper the possibility to folks here. We would never hold you to it but in the event that it does work out, what a wonderful fruition of many dreams. 🙂 We’d have fun!

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